Our Story

Just Planet is a unique artisan fair trade coffee roastery and cafe in Sunbury. Offering fantastic fair trade coffee roasted in-house, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and locally sourced, simple and delicious food, it’s the perfect place to relax, share a table and chat.

Lee and Norman Palumbo started the venture 10 years ago, with a plan to create a place that brings people together, encourages community and also bring positive change to fair trade cooperatives around the world. Over the years Just Planet community has supported so much more. Every month a different cause receives funds from the generous donations of locals, and pay it forward coffee vouchers are always available at the counter.

The food forest created in the small garden behind the store, provides fresh vegetables and herbs for the lunchtime menu, and is a great space to sit and enjoy your coffee in the warmer months. It also feeds a family of possums living in the bay tree, which is why we get almost nothing out of the fruit trees, oh well, they need to eat too. gardening groups rock up now and then to get involved in working bees, sharing seeds and eat together around the fire pit.

We have had some amazing highlights over the years, getting a spot on Channel 9’s Postcards being one of them, and awards from our local Hume council too. There have been plenty of public speaking gigs to promote the fair trade cause too. We get reviews all over the place which we really appreciate, but what we love the most is the fantastic conversations we have with our community, every day. Affectionately known as the “Hippie cafe” around town, Just Planet attracts a diverse group of people, and great conversations start around the communal tables.  So come down today, and join the revolution to make this a Just Planet.